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I didn’t know about Jackie Collins. Sounds like a miserable existence. I wonder how aware of her own bullshit she is. I wonder that about a lot of people. And then I wonder how much bullshit I spew that I’m not aware of.

Whoa. That’s pretty big news, Yohami. You guys were together for a couple of years weren’t you?


Yep, two years and a couple of months.

More on childrearing, since we’re on the subject.

I read in the book Brain Rules for Babies that there are four styles of parenting: rules/love, no rules/love, rules/no love, and no rules/no love. The researchers found that the rules/love (punishment of bad behavior, setting schedules, teaching rules and laying down the laws, along with demonstrating lots of love and affection) combination raised the best kids, followed by the rules/no love combination. The no rules/no love combination produced the worst kids.

My husband was raised with rules/love, and I was raised with rules/love by grandparents then later rules/no love by my mother. I guess I turned out mostly okay.

@Jesus Mahoney
And then I wonder how much bullshit I spew that I’m not aware of.

Me, too. :/

Was it you who mentioned earlier that your brother would score more highly on the narcissism test despite both of you being raised in the same household? I could say the same thing about my sister and me. I’m relatively straightlaced and square (if you don’t mind the strangeness); she started smoking, taking drugs and running with the wrong crowd in high school. She’s much steadier these days, and I suspect she has a clearer eye when it comes to what our mother did wrong. It would be interesting to catch up with her and hear her version of our childhood.
Bellita´s last [type] ..Read Along: Middlemarch, Chapters 26 to 30

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