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by Tevemer on 2004 Dec 21 - 16:32 | reply to this comment
Simple Respect
Dear "Pat" and Louise,

If you were to read more carefully you should have noticed that my comments were directed to Sarah knowing full well that she wants to have a relationship with a caring, dominant man. I already knew that she would give her consent to the right man which leaves your hyper-sensitive concern about consent moot. What I find so ironic is that even on website dedicated to the exploration of male led relationships each and every post must pass through thought police like yourselves insuring that every post carries the disclaimer - a woman *must* give her consent to this kind of relationship. Perhaps Sarah would be willing to place the surgeon-generals warning at the bottom of each post - warning: a male led relationship could be harmful to your bottom.

If you were to read my recent response to KrosRouge? you would know that I advised him on the importance of gaining consent at the early stages of the relationship before he or anyone engage in this kind of relationship. I have no interest in being with a woman who does not appreciate or desire such a relationship. If you were to read my article titled Obedience, which is on this site, you would have a better idea of how I view this subject. But what particularly bothers me here is that on the thinnest of evidence you feel free to make broad accusations of me and others assuming you know us so well that you can judge us as abusers.

Pat, not once have you offered any details of what kind of Taken In Hand relationship you have or desire to have. You have not offered up one intimate detail of your life, yet you feel free to harshly judge others who generously share their own. Your bias is clear. Would you be so kind to share your experiences in a Taken In Hand relationship or what kind of Taken In Hand relationship attracts you? Or could it be that you have an agenda to warn the world of evil men like me.

Louise, I have laid out my views and experiences for all to read. I don't mind accepting a critique from someone like you who has generously shared intimate details of your own relationship. But since you read and comment on every single message posted to this site you must know, unless you are a very poor reader, that I have written other messages like the one to KroRogue?. You have even gone so far as to sarcastically refer to my "perfect" wife. What have I done to you to deserve such derision. Are you so arrogant that you really think you know me or my wife and how we conduct our relationship. Are you the final arbiter of what constitutes a healthy male led relationship? You have no idea what has been negotiated between my wife and I. The fact is that men who lead their relationships do not abuse. I have never read one post in 3 years of reading from these kind of sites of a woman who has complained of being abused. Their most common complaint is that he won't be as firm as they desire him to be. If they are to live in the kind of satisfying relationship they so evidently desire then they must relinquish their control. Must it always be said - only to the man they trust knowing that he deeply cares for them. Is it not already so obvious that it does not need to be mentioned every time one makes a comment or writes an article? The relationship I have with my wife has nothing to do with oppression and everything to do with a loving and caring relationship.