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Let’s consider this site. Men (probably) who stick up for feminists here are likely called ‘mangina’ or ‘white knight’. How are they identified as such? By what they say. Now I’m not altogether sure I would use such terms but ultimately this is a site where men and women express themselves freely in a strongly pro mra way.

Now consider the bookstore. If the man had said ‘but I’m a feminist! I support women’s rights!’ would that have made a difference? I doubt it. He’s a man in the wrong part of the library. His political views don’t come into it. I’ts his sex that matters, nothing more.

That I think is the difference between a bit of flaming on an open web forum such as this and the routine sexism faced by men in the real world.

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Keyster January 29, 2011 at 09:21
“children [can] have every opportunity to develop the love and habits of reading that will keep our business viable in the future.”

If children are doing any reading “in the future” it’ll be from a computer screen and not something refferred to as a “book”. Barnes and Noble has bankruptcy written all over it.

As a middle aged single man I’m used to being leered at by parents anywhere there are children. It’s the “man as pedophile” hysteria that the feminist controlled mass media has created, (Chris Hanson, John Walsh, Law and Order: SVU, etc.). The constant drum beat of “men as perverted molestor” can’t be avoided, it’s good for ratings. “OMG, he could be living right next door to you!”