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To be honest, I was feeling a bit drained that day, trying to rush a thousand and one things and being sunburnt. I wasn’t in the best of moods. If your going to sign up for one of these programs, really make sure that the few days prior to the program, you give yourself sometime to relax and enjoy yourself. The session is really intense and will take a toll on you if you aren’t prepared.

That being said I had a great time! The main goals for the program was about conquering AA, opening and different types of day game situations. I figured if I could get this first step down, I would be able to handle the rest of the game myself. If your going for a customized program like me, be sure to take sometime to figure out where you normally hang out.

We headed to my favorite spot after the theory session, kinokuniya at takashimya! If you have never seen a PUA action in real life, be prepared to be blown away. The razorTV shows do not do hide justice at all. My mind is pretty blurry to be honest but I still remember the first set he opened. If hide wants he can furnish the full details of the conversation – i was too far to catch what they were saying. But heres what I remember : There was a pretty sexy girl browsing through some random magazines and hide approaches her (cold approach), starts talking to her and gets her to open up herself during the course of their interaction. Sorry guys but words dont do justice here. You really had to be there to see it. I wasnt the only one impressed. I saw another guy catch on and try as much as he did to read his magazine, I caught his eye roving in hide’s direction. He was probably thinking the same thing as me – wtf man.

Before I talk more about the session, did I mention I was petrified the whole way?
Even though I wanted to push past this sticking point, another part of me probably thought I had a death wish. Approaching random strangers on the street? I rather jump out of an airplane into a sea of shark infested waters any-day.