For example, if your date accidentally burps, farts, or starts laughing like a hyena – which does happen, comment on how that was “real pleasing to hear.”

It’s all about being quick-witted guys. Teasing women will always work — under the right mood frame – to amplify the volume of attraction.

You can’t achieve deep-level attraction or personal
connection with ANY woman without knowing HOW to talk to her.

And without that, you WILL not trigger the essential
positive to sexual responses that get them fired up
to want you badly.

That’s just how the world spins.

Anyways, after several unsurprising delays, it’s officially
READY for release :)

I’m unveiling my personal playbook on how to march up to the hottest
woman in your metro area… blast through their bitch shield,
and instantly escalate into deep-attraction to sexual levels.

Allow me to present to you my latest/finest masterpiece…
the Verbal Playboy Blueprint.

…even if you believe that you are chronically handicapped or
cursed to succeed with women verbally, I’m about to prove you

AND…Not only will you be experiencing a new life, you’ll be
the NEW BIG THING — or more like the BIG BANG — to HER LIFE.Yeah you heard me…

If you want dating succes you are going to need to pick up your nuts and stand out.

This one could be tough to get your head around but you DONT want to be just another easy college dude and you DONT want to be easy to pick up.

Desperate needy and in need of emotional support and attention are far from attractive to women and obviously you know this but do you know you are acting this way?

Being hard to deal with sometimes can trigger powerful emotion attraction in women. I’m not saying be annoying but just hard to get hold of sometimes and not interested others.
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